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Cheers to Thirsty Thursday

Cheers to Thirsty Thursday

The thirst is real. For alcohol at least.

I received some disappointing news today via email. Pretty much I didn’t pass my social psych lab … the only class I needed to graduate UCLA. I should have lisented to my counselors and take the whole quarter off. I wanted to salvage what was left of that class but I guess it wasn’t enough. But I am not as angry as I thought I would be. I am not as sad or…

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I haven’t felt content for awhile. It’s a nice feeling. I am slowly getting back to my routines and it feels wonderful. I feel like myself again. I am not that needy girl that I was during the past 4 months. I either attached myself to whoever or completely distant myself. I was on two different extremes and highly emotional for many reasons but I feel like I have control again. Let’s leave the…

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A hero’s journey

this gif is like 20 seconds but it was like watching an entire movie

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Mobile late night

find me inside 4 walls

or a box


with layers of Mother Earth above me and underneath me

I’m kept away from reality

and present in my dreams

put me in a deep sleep slumber

where I feel alive again

I just want to feel alive



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Me driving past my old school.

me driving by the police

me driving by my old girl

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Disney Fine Art: “Ohana means family" by Heather Theurer:)

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Based on a 1995 study by 2Pac and Dr. Dre.

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